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Medical Dog Stories

Medical Dog Stories

A Cancer Miracle!

This is the story about me and Maxxy. Maxxy came into our lives about three years ago. She was the given to us by a good friend of ours who raised Rotties for a living. She was the smallest one of the litter. We were actually looking for a male. When our friend gave her to us, she actually thought she had given us a male. We named her Maxx and a few days later, to our surprise we found out she was a female so we changed the name from Maxx to Maxxy. Maxxy became my best friend and actually gave me another reason to live. Because of her I have become more active in life. I began to walk with her and now we are up to running and walk 4 miles a day, 5 days a week. We have been going to Obedience training at Canyon Crest K-9 Training Center for about three years now and security protection classes for about a year.

About a year ago, I noticed that she was constantly paying attention to my right leg. She seemed to be always sniffing at this one area on my leg. It was a mole but I never paid much attention to it. One day I was watching one of those medical shows on TV and they were talking about how dogs had the ability to detect cancer and other illnesses. I began to wonder, did Maxxy have this ability. The more attention she paid to the mole on my leg. I began to worry. I made an appointment with my doctor. A biopsy was performed and sure enough it was cancer. Stage two Melanoma to be exact. A year and two surgeries later I am cancer free. The medical staff was awesome, my husband was strong, supportive and loving, but the one I owe the most gratitude to is Maxxy. She saved my life. Without her curiosity, well without her this story might not have a happy ending.

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