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The Training Process

The Training Process

Thank you for your interest in our Diabetic Alert Service Dog Program. Hopefully, this e-mail will answer some of your questions. Our goal is to make this service readily available to those who are truly in need but are able to do what it takes to handle and live with a service dog. We do have a age requirement of 12 years of age or older.


To start the process you must complete and fill out the attached application so we can learn about you and your medical needs and goals to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for a service dog. After reviewing your application you will be contacted by our staff within 10-14 days to set up an interview and demonstration. If accepted, the next step is to select the right dog for your individual needs to be trained for diabetic alert service. Some of you may already have a dog, in this event, we can evaluate and determine if it is willing to work at the high level we expect and require for medical alert. If you need a dog we are working with sources to locate dogs that have the ability to be trained. The total cost is $9,500.

During the training process there will be numerous hours spent at our facility in Tacoma, and in real life situations with our team. The nature of training is completely individualized to maximize the success of the service dog-handler team, depending on your lifestyle and medical needs. We do NOT train dogs and ship them to you. You are the most important part of the process. You must be here to learn with your dog. We can customize a program for you if you already have your own dog that qualifies for a reduced cost. The training will include, but is not limited to; obedience, scent training, and public access: which will cover ADA Regulations (American with Disabilities Act) as it applies to having a service dog in public settings.


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