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Dogabetics of Tacoma Washington was formed in February 2009 after crossing paths with a young boy named Liam and his mother. We were inspired by their story. There are 26.3 million children and adults in America that live with type one diabetes. Our mission is to transform as many of these lives as possible. We currently have the staff to help 100 teams per year. It is a fact that a dog’s keen sense of smell far surpasses that of a human. A trained alert dog is a valuable tool in detecting a low or high blood sugar. Our service dog training program will focus on a strong team concept. It will be essential in providing any service dog partnership. Our staff and volunteers are committed to training quality medical alert dogs and well trained handlers. It is our vision to make a difference in your life by providing you with a successful canine partner. There are no short cuts, so be prepared for a lifelong commitment and intense training process. We do NOT train dogs and ship them trained. We teach you right along with the dog from day one. This is a proven successful method. To get started Click here to learn more and apply.

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